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Anonymous asked: I find chubby so adorable!! Ughh want a corgi now because of him. Does having a corgi require high maintenance? What are the do's and dont's



I don’t know if I can provide a thorough answer to this question. I too was drawn in by the doe-eyed, stumpy cuteness of corgis (it’s how I ended up with a Chobley!). After three years with him and many encounters with other corgis though, I’ve come to the realization that corgis are not for most people. They are incredibly playful and intelligent, but are also very stubborn—you need to have a lot of patience to properly train a corgi. Inexperienced, first time dog owners and people who don’t have much patience may find that corgis aren’t the right dogs for them. I am constantly amazed at and humbled by the corgi owners I’ve met who have shown so much patience and dedication to their dogs. I’m not a patient person by nature, so my relationship with Chubby—though rewarding—has been very challenging at times. In retrospect, I don’t think corgis were a good fit for my own personality, but I didn’t know any better beyond “ohhh corgis so cute” and “feed and walk the dog daily.” So before having your heart set on a corgi, think carefully about how compatible your personality and lifestyle are for the breed’s temperament and needs. Do your research (here is a good comprehensive overview of the breed, c/o of Corgi Addict). Talk to breeders in your area (CA has good suggestions for approaching breeders). Careful assessment will also allow you to determine whether the breed is too high maintenance for you. As for dos and don’ts, do make sure your dog comes from a reputable breeder and do recognize that your dog will be a lifetime responsibility. Dogs cannot speak for themselves, it’s up to their people to serve as their advocates and guardians and ensure they live a safe, healthy and reasonably happy life.

Someone posted an entry on mycorgi.com for people thinking about getting a corgi. Not all corgs are the same, but this helped me get a feel for what I was getting into when we brought Shanks home. 

Although you should find your dog’s appearance appealing, there is so much more to dog ownership than looks alone. Corgis, and any other dogs, are a commitment. I definitely agree that providing a good home to a dog requires an honest reflection on your current lifestyle. To the OP, you should also consider what you are willing and unwilling to change and your finances before getting a dog. Do more research on corgis and continue asking questions if you are truly interested in having one of these furballs in your life. :)

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Today was toy surgery day. I had 3 patients. Poor Reggie was here for his third visit! Fawkes was a very supportive friend and waited for each of his buddy to be done. Upon their hospital release, Fawkes promptly welcomed them with a big hug. In his mouth. #corgi #corgination #corgisofinstagram #pembrokewelshcorgi #fawkesthecorgi

Today was toy surgery day. I had 3 patients. Poor Reggie was here for his third visit! Fawkes was a very supportive friend and waited for each of his buddy to be done. Upon their hospital release, Fawkes promptly welcomed them with a big hug. In his mouth. #corgi #corgination #corgisofinstagram #pembrokewelshcorgi #fawkesthecorgi

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How to approach dogs (small rant)

I know I’m preaching to the choir, but two things happened recently that really annoyed me. I know dogs make most people happy and they can’t help but want to approach the dog, but there are ways to do it safely and politely.

1) Never ever feed a strange dog without the owner’s approval, and don’t even think about feeding human food to the dog. This girl, bless her heart, tried to give Fawkes pizza. I thought my eyes were going to pop out. As a stranger, you probably don’t know what dogs can and cannot eat, nor would you know if my dog has any specific food allergies or habits. I’m sure you just wanted my dog to be happy with a treat, but I want him to stay happy AND healthy.

2) Ask before petting my dog. Please. You’d think this was common courtesy, but I had a grown woman, who was behind me and Fawkes, reach out and touch him. Fawkes is indiscriminately friendly, but even he was surprised and gave the woman a WTF look instead of his usual friendly lick. I just glared at her. She came out of nowhere! It’s rude to not let the dog know you’re approaching. What if Fawkes was aggressive and you scared him? Fawkes and I are happy to say hi, but say hi first!!

I’m just glad Fawkes didn’t reward the woman with any friendliness. No treats for you, lady! -___-

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Lost Corgi after car accident on I-90 at milepost 327 between Bozeman and Livingston, MT Details below! Please signal boost if you’re in the area!

"His name is Ronald, he is very friendly, mostly red with a little white on his face and neck, has lots of hair. His siblings are all safe and sound at the Stafford Animal Shelter and the co-owner will be driving up for them in the next few days. Thanks everyone for keeping your eyes out for him. It’s a good reminder to travel with your pets in crates, all the crated pups were unharmed and safe.”


Signal boost! Hope he gets home.

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